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nature's original superfood

We just wanted to know where our food was coming from... so we started growing our own, but what we found in the forests here in Colorado changed our lives. 

Nature has a way of healing our bodies and minds. Take a walk in the woods for any extended period of time and you'll start to notice something happening in your mind and body. Your natural rythyms starThe art of mushroom foraging requires a stillness and a keen sense of observation. What happens when you slow down and start paying attention? You began to see the process in action, life, death, rebirth. You start to understand the cycle. 

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In the pursuit of the elusive gourmet mushroom we found a world of never-ending wonder and eternal gifts from nature. Started from a desire to know with absolute certainty  where our food is coming from and growing into a calling to bring the same level of transparency to others. Finding the truth in this world is a complicated matter but knowing what you’re putting into your body shouldn’t be.

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